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Keeping ideas

April 28, 2010

Remember that great idea you had while you were driving?  Keep a small notebook in your car.  Then you can quickly pull over and write it down.


Tips on setting

April 20, 2010

Your writing piece will be more interesting if you can add facts about the place to give it flavor. Try not to write about a place you’re unfamiliar with, unless you can glean enough information from the Internet and other research to make it believable. Nothing is more irritating to a reader than to read something that isn’t correct.

Writing Tips on narrative and characters

April 13, 2010

Using your character’s name pulls your reader out of the story and reminds them they are reading. Use he and she, the reader reads these as I and me.

Thoughts on Showing vs. Telling

April 7, 2010

This is perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of writing. An easy way to remember if you are showing, like you are supposed to, is to keep in viewpoint. As long as your main character is seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling or experiencing the emotions in the story. You are in the showing mode.