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Beat the Blahs or Why writer’s block is in your head.

May 25, 2010

Call it fear, laziness, or panic, writer’s block has hit almost every writer out there.  You can overcome the temptation to just walk away from your work by having several projects going at the same time.   If you’re briefly stuck on an article, switch to a short story, or your novel.  Having the option of going to a different piece will keep you in the habit of regular writing rather than throwing up your hands and plopping in front of the television.


Typing your manuscript

May 18, 2010

Fancy fonts are unacceptable for manuscript submissions.  Use a serif type (Times Roman or Courier) for your submission.  Editors do not like fancy fonts as they are difficult to read.  San serif (without a serif) type fonts like Helvitica are not advised either.