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It’s not just you

September 13, 2010

Continuing with last weeks thought about bad guys remember agents and editors aren’t the only ones with problems. More than a couple of publishers live on the dark side. In this Vaderesk world, if an offer is too good to be true; it probably is. Publishers who gush over your work are usually gushing because they see the money they are going to charge you. If you’re unfamiliar with the publishing house have your local library order a couple of the books so you can look at them.
1. What’s the cover like? Does it look like your four-year-old nephew drew it? Not a good sign.
2. Look at the inside pages. Does it look like a big house printed it? What is your book going to look like?
3. Are there typos, grammatical and spelling errors? What makes you think your book will be different?
If unsure, give the National Writers Association a call. We can help before you invest your book, your time, and your well-being in the wrong place.


Be aware of the Bad Guys

September 2, 2010

Sometimes we writers are so gullible. I’m not pointing fingers, I’ve made these mistakes, but it hurts when I see other’s make them too. I stumbled across this one again this week. Other than editing and critiques (from a published writer) services for writers should not cost money. A reputable agent may request postage and copying money but they don’t ask for major bucks to critique your work or represent you. If you stumble upon an agent who’s offering to critique your work for a fee, RUN very fast in the other direction. Agents make their money selling your work.