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Where’s your cheering section?

October 30, 2010

Every writer/author needs supporters. You may not feel that your wife/mother/ or husband is a logical, unbiased supporter but you need them. Granted you need the helpful critique, but sometimes, especially on a bad day, you need the folks who support your efforts no matter how poor your writing seems to be at the time. When the sixty-fourth rejection comes in on your favorite piece of writing, you need someone who believes in you. So locate that cheering section and keep them on hand for the really bad days.


Don’t be your worst enemy

October 19, 2010

A good friend of mine was shredded and left to bleed by another writer recently. As we dicussed the shredding, I explained that her way was just as good as the other writer’s way of expressing the article’s point.

Frequently when called upon to critique a fellow writer, we feel compelled to make our point or hammer home our way of doing things when the other way will work just fine.

I’ve been shredded by other writers. I know how it feels. A little compassion goes miles.
So the next time you read a piece of writing; why not remember what that shoe feels like and try a little tenderness.


October 7, 2010

I haven’t been posting for about three weeks, sorry about that. Money got in the way.
To explain:
Some years ago, I published a local history book. The regular venues weren’t a possibility for sales, so I invented some new ways to sell the 1,000 books–I offered to conduct field trips for second grade classes who study local history. No, I am not insane but I have spent the last three weeks leading between 28 and 60 bright eyed 7 year-olds through old cabins and the local cemetery. It sells books. I don’t charge for the trip but ask the teachers that if any child wants my book to let me know and I’ll autograph it for them. By latest count I’ve led nearly 300 folks. (The trip is a favorite with the parents, too.) I guess you call it creative marketing. I love it but I’m tired and I’m not through yet.