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November 21, 2014

Due to my personal involvement in recent days, I’ve begun to wonder about the subject of bullying. I’m sure bullying has been around since the first group of people got kicked out of the Garden of Eden. I’m reasonably certain that Adam blamed Eve and the fight was on. Every time he had to get firewood, Adam probably complained that it wouldn’t have happened if Eve had just minded her own business and told the serpent to get lost. And the bullying began.

It is difficult to believe that schools now have curriculum on bullying and hope that will make a difference. People are people and I doubt it will effect the bullies. Pity the poor victim. It may just serve as an instructional manual for the bully to have teachers pointing out the type of bullying that is possible. I’m sure some bright kid will learn a couple of new ways to bully that he hadn’t thought of. It’s not that I’m advocating that victims should finally draw a line and start shooting people both innocent and guilty. Nor I am saying that society should sit idly by and let a bully beat the tar out of the quiet, reticent child who’s been told not to fight with other kids.

I’ve been trying to remember how bullies were handled when I was a child. I even remember being the bullying victim a couple of times. But I recall I didn’t tell anyone and the bully wasn’t handed any consequences for his/her actions. Most bullies outgrow their rotten tendencies and a few I’ve known have even been incarcerated because their bullying grew to worst actions. It’s hard for me to tell the young victim I know that most of the bullies will mature and become kinder folks, but I’m thinking that must be what happens to most of them otherwise they are now suffering more black eyes and bloody noses.



November 14, 2014

Weathermen in Colorado are doing the “happy dance”–the rest of us are too cold to smile. This week we broke a record for the coldest low since recorded records have been kept some time in the 1880s. Depending on which meteorologist you watched is was somewhere between –14° and -16° below. The old record was -4°. We also set a new record for the lowest high (I don’t even like the sound of that one.) which was 16°. Like I said, I’m glad for the weather people. Often the TV viewers meet their report with sullen anger, but this week everyone was interested. This was especially true if you were able to move your frozen fingers along the “clicker” to find your favorite weatherman.

We, Coloradans should be ecstatic. We don’t live in Minneapolis were the snow piled up and it was miserable with wind and cold temperatures. We have a saying here which says it is “too cold to snow” and that was mostly the case here. We had less than two inches and just had to put up with the miserable cold for a couple of days. Yesterday the sun returned and the roads cleared of snow. It isn’t exactly “warm” now but it will be acceptable to the natives. Besides it’s difficult to get seasonal depression when the sun is bouncing off fresh snow, even if you don’t ski.


November 7, 2014

My father used to say that pioneers were too busy to get stressed out. Perhaps that’s the truth of the matter, I’m not sure. I don’t remember my parents being stressed and if anyone should have been it was my parents-—raising three children on limited income and what extra jobs could be found in a small town, had to be stressful. Even when my father miss-stepped and fell between the rafters in a house he was remodeling breaking several ribs and putting him out of a job right before Christmas, I don’t remember him being stressed. I watched him be upset when he suffered from sinus headaches to the point that he sat for hours with his head in his hands, but never stressed.

I guess I’m wondering if all the “modern conveniences” and ‘time saving gadgets” are making us stressed. Or perhaps those around us are pressing us beyond our capacities and making us stressed.

For the last few months, I’ve been working with someone who has made me “stressed”. I can honestly say that in my entire life until this person came along I’d never met anyone who could make me stressed, but this one has that negative magic. After receiving a pacemaker implant and a new crop of medications. I hope that this stressful person is out of my life forever. But I’m reasonably sure that is too much to hope for.