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5 tips on Finding Time to write

October 30, 2007

Hi everyone,

Thought it might be time to weigh in on the second most asked question for would-be writers.  How to find time to write.  With our busy schedules it does seem to be a serious concern.   So here are a few tips:

1. Forget about large blocks of time.  Unless you are unemployed, you may have to resort to small chunks of time.  If you have a laptop carry that thing everywhere.  You can manage a few nice pages waiting in the doctor’s office or during soccer practice.

2. Turn off the television.  That evil one-eyed monster can consume precious writing time.  Early in my career, I worked for a newspaper.  (Deadlines required. No excuses!)  I learned to write between 8 pm and 10 pm.  After the kids were in bed.  Weaning yourself away from the TV is necessary.

3. You don’t need to write the whole novel in one session.  Remember that one page per day equals 365 pages in a year and that’s a pretty fair sized novel or nonfiction book.

4. Listen to your heart, not your detractors.  It’s easy to think you’ll never reach that goal of completing a work.  Be stupidly persistant like me.  If you want to have something published, you have to listen to that inner voice that says you can do it. 

5. Make your writing a priority.  Yes, we all have families, jobs, and a life that needs “attending to.”  But if you want to be a writer you MUST write.   Carve out some time and get busy.

Sandy Whelchel is the author of the new The National Writers Association Guide to Writing for Beginners (ISBN: 978-1-57886-685-4) as well as two recently published thriller novels, CHECK AND MATE and HIDE AND SEEK.